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Hi, I'm Rachel


Growing up I loved going out and taking photos so my parents bought me a film camera to get me started on my many years as a hobby photographer.

About 10 years ago I started helping my brother out in his photography business. I soon became interested in photographing a lot more than just the occasional snaps of holidays and family events that I had been doing.

I then took my first photography trip to Iceland with my brother a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed exploring and taking photos of the cities, landscapes, waterfalls and mountains.

After that, I began to help out my brother more and began studying photography courses. This taught me a whole new skill set of photographing people.

I'm a romantic person at heart so this then developed into my love for photographing weddings!​

I also love travelling and being able to photography different cities and countries! Check out our Instagram to see where I've been recently!


Hi, I'm John

I have always loved photography since I was 19, a long time ago, when I got my first Fuji SLR camera.

Many years ago I worked for a professional studio as a wedding photographer using a medium format/film camera, I soon found

out that most of my clients were friends or people who came to me through word of mouth or recommendations and I didn't need a studio to get wedding assignments, but I'm always grateful for the experience it gave me.

There is more to being a wedding photographer than just being able to point a camera at someone. Sometimes it can be like "herding cats", BUT I love the interaction with people on such a happy day!

Then, as so often happens in life, I had a family and another career to pursue, but now I have returned to what has always been a passion for me; photography.

As a father and daughter business we blend the traditional with modern techniques. We think it's a combination that works!



Hi I'm Matt,


I've been a professional photographer for over 8 years.

As a kid I loved going out and taking photos but I first took photography seriously when I had the opportunity to go to South Africa to race cars and go on a safari.

After purchasing my first DSLR I soon became interested in photographing people which taught me a whole new skill set which eventually developed into my love for photographing weddings!

Back in 2014 I became aware that there was a new aspect of photography - drones!

After a theory course at Heathrow followed by another course near Swindon, I became a licenced drone pilot too!

At home I have a labradoodle called Jessie who thinks she is one giant lap dog! I'm quite an active person and enjoy going to the gym. I also love planning travel photography trips to gain stock images and to enjoy a mini holiday!

I'm here to help out as a back up photographer and a videographer.