Selfie Postbox

If you are looking for something different to a traditional photo booth or you do not have enough room at your venue then our Selfie Post Box is for you!​

It combines a secure post box with a photo/video booth. All for the price of £195!

Price includes delivery, set up and collection within 30 miles. Small travel fee may be applied for distances beyond.

 £50 non refundable deposit to secure your booking.


The latest “must have” for a wedding, birthday or anniversary party, combining a photobooth & video booth with a classic postbox for your guest's greetings cards.

Our Selfie postbox will have your names on the welcome screen prompting your guests to take a selfie, leave a personal video message or record a Tiktok-style Boomerang GIF. The images and videos will have your names and date (or logo) on the bottom and your guests can instantly email, SMS or Airdrop them if desired.

The Selfie Postbox will capture all images, video and GIFS and be available in your own online gallery after the event.


We will deliver and set up the selfie post box and place it on a table in the venue for all to use.

It also comes with a secure combination lock on the rear door to keep your cards safe.

We will then call in the late evening (or early the next morning venue permitting) to remove it. Simply let us know who you want us to give your cards to or we can leave them with the venue wedding co-ordinator for you to collect.



  • NO PHOTOBOOTH ATTENDANT NEEDED – The booth runs itself, no fuss and no staff

  • PERSONALISED FOR YOU - Your names & date on the Selfie Postbox welcome screen

  • SECURE POSTBOX - Your guests can post their wedding cards securely and/or they can take photos, leave you a personal video message or record a Boomerang GIF on the Selfie Postbox.

  • SHARING - Guests can share and keep their selfies via Email, SMS or Airdrop so they have their own digital copies. (sharing can be disabled just saving the digital files for you, if required)

  • YOUR PRIVATE ONLINE GALLERY - All images, video messages & GIFs are uploaded to your own gallery after the event.